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game changing

Easy to plan, and unequaled flexible: smartengine reaches amazing results in intelligence, reliability and energy efficiency. smartengine replaces complex, separate and unsafe bus and power infrastructures for lighting with standardized and simple IT infrastructure.

By providing detailed sensor information for building management systems (BMS) smartengine significantly reduces the investment costs in technical building equipment. Furthermore smartengine achieves an excellent return on investment (ROI) by its energy efficiency alone.







  • smartengine lowers the average consumption for lighting to 1-2 Watt  per square meter.
  • smartengine helps to achieve certifications (LEED, BREEAM, DGNB) for  ecologically efficient buildings (green buildings).
  • smartengine sets new standards in building management technology  and is compliant with the state-of-the-art recognized technology standards  (EN, DIN, VDE).
  • smartengine provides future-proof sustainability, reliability and a higher in  real estate asset value


Return on Investment

This is where you can calculate the impact your assets can have on the World. 

Smartengine calculator

  • „To spare the environment and to save costs. That’s the reasons why we are using smartengine in our buildings. At the same time, as a real estate financier, we encourage our customers to go for innovative technologies too. Sensor technology opens up completely new opportunities – we are looking forward to groundbreaking developments.“

    – Oliver Klink, Chairman of Management Board, Taunus-Sparkasse –

  • “The idea of this strategic investment in Bangalore is to ensure we build a great home for our people.”

    Keith Dias, Head Facilities – NetApp India

  • “This building is extremely sustainable, right from the blocking & stacking of the building. We‘ ve set about to maximize daylight penetration and minimize solar heat gain and use free cooling. We have an extremely efficient Lighting system (smartengine) with which we can do all kinds of wonderful things like Data Analytics.”

    Keith Dias, Head Facilities – NetApp India

  • „We are proud of the fact that we became a carbon- neutral company.“

    Daniel Joss, head, corporate real estate and facilities management zurich

  • „It’s important to us to ensure that all our corporate real estate and facilities management efforts support our overall Environmental Policy, which includes reducing our energy footprint.“

    Daniel Joss, head, corporate real estate and facilities management zurich

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