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Reducing energy costs for lighting by up to 90 %. The award winning smartengine technology is intelligent and provides unmatched efficiency. smartengine provides each user with exactly as much light as needed.

main energy uses in buildings – lighting, heating and cooling

lighting cooling & vantilation heating all others

real-time data in our headquarters Lokschuppen | Bad Homburg

  • current energy consumption: 0.78 kW
  • space: 870 sqm
  • measuring accuracy: 99,5%

With smartengine consumption values between 1 and 2 watts/sqm can be achieved.


Reducing operating costs for lighting by up to 90 %. The sensor-based system uses safe extra-low voltage (SELV) to remove safety  hazards, protect LED lights and prolong their lifetime to up to 100,000 hours. With its open interface smartengine provides fine-meshed data for all building management systems.

smartmanager – simple to use/easy to operate


  • easy installation and commissioning
  • intuitive user interface
  • simple to manage and control
  • web interface / browser-based
  • drag & drop for rooms and lighting
  • no specialist required to operate the software
  • “We anticipated that smartengine would reduce our energy expenses by 70 to 75 percent and we’ve exceeded that target by an additional 13 to 15 percent.”

    Zürich Logo

    Daniel Joss | head, corporate real estate and facilities mgmt, IRL

  • “This building is extremely sustainable, right from the blocking & stacking of the building. We‘ ve set about to maximize daylight penetration and minimize solar heat gain and use free cooling. We have an extremely efficient Lighting system (smartengine) with which we can do all kinds of wonderful things like Data Analytics.”

    Keith Dias, Head Facilities – NetApp India

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