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smartengine offers more than profitable savings in terms of electricity and operating costs. It makes rooms and buildings intelligent and agile. The Luminaires create a finemeshed network of sensors, which supply real time data on Brightness, Temperature and Presence. This data provides continuous live climate and occupancy status of a facilitiy, ideal for improving operations in terms of efficiency and safety.

smartengine jelly beans

  • Fully automated system
  • 48 ports at 34W per engine 18VDC–48VDC
  • Service-oriented architecture (SOA)
  • Dimming of luminaires in voltage
  • Seamless, flicker-free dimming
  • One data cable for electricity and data (up to 100m/328,08 ft)
  • Protection class III Safety Extra Low Voltage, no power cables
  • Compliant with DIN, EN and VDE
  • Quickstart of the system in under 15 seconds
  • Application programming interface (API)
  • BACnet Interface (BMS)

No power cables

  • IP-based
  • Maximum Security (SSL)
  • Drag & Drop function of elements
  • Real-time data for temperature, brightness and presence
  • HCL-capable
  • Independent system to LED lamps manufactures

network powered lighting

system smartengine


The patented smartengine technology consists of only a few components:

  • smartengine: the central unit connects up to 48 sensors and supplies connected LED luminaires with regulated DC voltage.
  • sensors: monitor the room intelligently (IoT) and transmit sensory data to the smartengine in real time.
  • smartdirector: manages up to 40 smartengines or 2,000 sensors. Interfaces for BACnet and BMS are provided via an integrated Open API.
  • software: holistic management of the system (web-based) and various apps for control, visualization and evaluation via smart devices.

Production sites are located in Forest, VA and Bratislava, SK. Continuous further development of hardware and software takes place in San Jose, CA and Bad Homburg, DE.

smartengine sustainably combines leading-edge functionality with great bene ts to people and the environment.

smartmanager webservice & dashboard


The smartdirector dashboard displays current and cumulative information about the entire smartengine system.


  • total energy consumption
  • Average building temperature
  • status & number of engines in use
  • status & number of lights in use
  • Last registered movements will be displayed on floor plan
  • Error messages will be displayed


he smartmanager software is versatile, well-arranged and easy to use. The respective functions and actions can be called up on an individual basis. Actual values ​​can be displayed based on specific locations, rooms or (energy/power) consumers. Historical values ​​can be stored and retrieved for up to one year.


  • Graphical representation of power consumption, ambient brightness, temperature and presence
  • Graphical display of current & historical values ​​from the entire system or individual buildings, rooms, sensors / lights
  • Real-time data, alarms, error messagesa


  • Adjust the performance features of luminaires, rooms and buildings
  • Adjust the intensity of Individual luminaires
  • scene settings


  • Graphical reporting of historical values ​​and current values ​​in real time
  • Analysis and evaluation tool for documentation and reporting
  • Data can be exported


With smartmanager, you can quickly and intuitively retrieve a variety of desired information, as well as make changes to the settings.


  • Status report and detail display for all LED fixtures
  • Configuration of lights, alarm settings and additional settings
  • Details on alarms, error messages, updates and other system messages

Location editor

  • Virtual set-up, modification and assignment of rooms and luminaires
  • Overall set-up, fully automated, manual, flashlight fitting
  • Search function, flashing function
  • System calibration, luminaire calibration

Location settings

  • Individual and Global settings for conditions and controls
  • Lighting time, Time management, prioritization
  • Ability to add scenes, export function for conditions and controls

smartengine at a glance

maximum energy savings

  • Extremely high efficiency
  • Up to 90% reduction of energy costs
  • Sensor-based individual control of each fixture (use of light only where it is needed)
  • DC power supply for each fixture via CPU enables timed dimming of individual lights
  • Daylight detection on each fixture increases efficiency
  • No excess heat is produced in the ceiling Low heat is generated centralized only at smartengine (control- and supply-unit)

minimal consumption

  • Very low power consumption LED lighting
  • Very long run-time – up to 100,000 hours
  • Little to no heat load
  • High light efficiency using very little power
  • No extra power supplies/equipment, cables, connections, KNX-/DALI components or breakers
  • No power cables needed! Simple and safe – Safety Class III

fine-meshed sensor network

  • Automated control permanently optimizes daily demand for energy
  • Monitor movement, daylight and room temperature via a fine-meshed network of sensors
  • Fine-meshed sensor system for economization strategies
  • Integration of sensors into other facility automation systems

light via the IT infrastructure

  • One data cable per fixture for sensor data and power supply
  • One universal network for all IP-based devices
  • Improved performance over PoE/PoE+ standards (smartengine 34W/channel vs. PoE+ 25.5W/channel)
  • Star-topology connection of fixtures provides highest efficiency
  • Reliability through redundant patching of the fixtures (fixture 1 engine 1, fixture 2 engine 2)
  • More security through Class III resource protection with safety extra-low voltage (SELV/PELV)
  • Easy to design and install · smartengine provides constant current
  • Very low power loss
  • Cable heat generation less than industry standard

easy to operate

  • Central plug & play lighting management via a web-based interface
  • Flexible and uninterruptible allocation of fixtures and room changes (no physical engagement required)
  • Open platform (API) for connecting various facility management systems
  • Integration of various buildings into one system >>> central monitoring
  • Data acquisition in real time (temperature, consumption, movement) >>> Data will not identify any individual
  • Data analysis for economization strategies
  • Remote access possible from anywhere
  • Control via smartdevices (apps)
  • Integrated HVAC interface (e.g. BACnet)

exemplary user of the smartengine system
Zentrale der Taunussparkasse | Bad Homburg v.d. Höhe

comfort in every room

  • Constant and flicker-free illumination everywhere
  • Healthful LED spectrum – similar to sunlight
  • Efficient work environment yields higher productivity
  • HCL-compatible (Human Centric Lighting)

remarkably economical

  • Extraordinary ROI (Return on Invest)
  • Average consumption of 1-2 watts per square meter
  • No additional costs compared to KNX/DALI LED systems
  • State subsidies and aid available for innovative technologies and energy-efficient lighting (e.g. KfW, EIF)
  • Pioneering technology for efficient building lighting control
  • Little to no maintenance costs

safe and maintenance-free

  • High reliability via redundant configuration and single addressing of lights
  • Low hazard from fire or short-circuiting due to SELV
  • Simple calculation of fire loads (halogen-free components)
  • Reduced risk of accidents during installation or maintenance due to low-voltage components
  • Data security through encryption

smartengine improves the world

  • smartengine sustainably lowers carbon footprint
  • Up to 29 LEED points possible
  • Avoids the waste of energy
  • Recipient of several international awards
  • No ecological damage by the usage of unshielded cat6 u/utp patch cables (Example: 1.3kg of aluminium per 100m shielded cat7 s/ftp network cable)

exemplary user of the smartengine system
SBS Kureck Wiesbaden | Department of Social Services and Integration



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