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There is a variety of gateways / interfaces for different applications and lighting types. Unique is the integration of HCsL – the first intelligent HCL solution.

As a luminaire manufacturer you will receive your personal PID for each luminaire, which will always be recognized systematically when new connections are made. For special luminaires we offer individual interfaces.


The smartgateway connects to the smartsensor which contains a set of environmental data collectors that detect light level, temperature and motion, transmitting this data back to the smartengine. The smartgateway is produced by an Original Equipment Manufacturer and provided to individual lighting manufacturers. LED lighting maufacturers can connect the smartgateway to luminaires independently. 

Blumeuniversal gateway

The universal smartgateway enables the connection of speciality light fixtures, exterior lighting and all conventional lamps (indoor / outdoor) via Smartengine ports. Therefore, special lamps can also be included in the Smartengine control system and can be grouped as desired and controlled per room, building or throughout the campus. The universal smartgateway can also be equipped with a smart sensor (2G, 3G, glasses) to provide location-specific temperature, presence and brightness values for the connected special lighting position.

Blumeuniversal gateway (emergency lighting)

The universal smartgateway-outage relay, in conjunction with a dry contact relay, communicates the status of the smartengine system: In the event of an external power failure, the universal smartgateway-outage relay is able to activate external systems such as emergency lighting (ON / OFF).



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