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scalable reliable sustainable

Sicherer Raum für Expansion.

Wachsende Anforderungen an Rechenzentren erfordern außergewöhnliche Lösungen, die zugleich skalierbar, zuverlässig und nachhaltig sind.

Wir eröffnen dem Wachstum neue Wege und gehen voraus - gemeinsam mit Ihnen.


IT Infrastrukturen für Ihr Rechenzentrum

  • Errichtung, Wartung und Erweiterung von Rechenzentren für regionale wie globale Kunden
  • IT-Infrastruktur für Cloud Services
  • Umsetzung europäischer, globaler und US-amerikanischer Normen und Standards
  • Praxisbewährte Konzepte für Energieeinsparung und Hochverfügbarkeit

Europaweiter Support für Ihre Datensicherheit

  • Kurze Reaktionszeiten, europaweiter Support und Notfallüberwachung
  • Kurze Projektrealisierungszeiten
  • Erfüllung von 24/7/365-Anforderungen

Außergewöhnliche Qualität

  • CAD-gestützte Planung und intelligente Dokumentation
  • Internes Qualitätsmanagement
  • Optimierte Lohnkosten durch eine Vielzahl unterschiedlicher Qualifizierungen
  • Interne Schulungs- und Zertifizierungsprogramme

service and maintenance

“Offering comprehensive bespoke and pro-active maintenance services across all our business sectors in Europe, our customers feel confident that their infrastructures are in safe hands.”

We are able to offer a tailored maintenance support with our DC-Rangers to suite your requirements, whether this is simply a short term reactive contract or a long term framework agreement with resident engineering support. Utilising our dedicated help desk and ticketing system paired with an extensive engineering resource and specialist plant we can ensure that agreed SLA’s are being met. Support services includes both – internal and external infrastructure maintenance. Our full service range is e.g. offered for:

  • Data Centres
  • Retail Services
  • Ministry of defence 
  • Financial Institutions
  • Corporate environments
  • Public institutions
  • Office areas

Our moves, adds and changes service enables an effective means of maintaining critical client infrastructure in a timely and cost effective manner. 

Skills of our well-trained DC-Rangers:

  • IT forensic support in Data Centers
  • Smart Hand & Remote Hand support

Onsite response 4h-6h

  • Intelligent Infrastructure Management
  • Evidence acquisition
  • Analysis and investigation
  • FiberSurfer Analyst  (fiber inspection and fault localisation)
  • Hardware Configuration
  • Cabling Rack & Stack
  • Troubleshooting
  • Equipment Installation
  • Patching services
  • Security and Access support 
  • Logistics and inventory assistance

Less downtime to you and your business

Operating over 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, wtec is always ready to respond to customers and deploy our technicians at a moments notice. Our qualified field technicians are already equipped with the necessary tools to conduct the works required. Wtec operates our field services on both a planned and emergency basis, allowing customers the flexibility to decide and schedule usage of our technicians when they cannot always send their own.

Local spare parts centers

For mission critical applications, we also maintain a network of local spare parts warehouses. From these centers we can dispatch parts and a local field engineer to your site in as little as four hours. No matter where your business is located, we can ensure that spares are never too far away.

Frankfurt, London, Milan, Paris and Prague – no matter where you are. 

Project management offering

“Our strength in management provides our customers with the comfort and knowledge that project delivery will always be as seamless as possible.”

Mighty Managers

A key strength of our Mighty Managers is the ability to quickly adapt and evolve with market trends, industry developments and customer requirements.

According to the motto: “engage the right people at the right time to get the right result”.

This often calls for a range of skills including Technical, Back Office Support, H&S, Supplier Support, and Account/Project Management, all of which are on hand as required. The Mighty Managers are supported by a continual assessed training and development program. They are empowered to deliver on all aspects of a project and take full accountability of defined deliverables. Our Mighty Managers can work out of our numerous office spaces around Europe or they can be externalised and work in any Customer space to improve the efficiency.

Back office Assistance

To ensure success we have a dedicated team within our office locations offering technical, logistical, financial, administrative and client liaison support. These are supported by bespoke and industry standard software solutions.

Smart DataCenter

Regulatory compliance is driving the need for organisations to reduce their carbon footprint and energy usage. This brings into sharp focus the need for efficient, collaborative and intelligent building environments.

Creating an intelligent building should help to minimise operational costs, optimise facility resources, and provide an improved user experience helping to ensure maximum user productivity. Especially Data Centers are constantly engaged driving up their Power usage effectiveness.

Security Surveillance System

An IoT fine mesh sensor network can monitor and control the occupancy and human motion within highly sensitive DataHalls. It can illuminate just the area where certain people are allowed to walk and trigger an Alarm when evading that area is detected (via an API, linked to the Alarming/Warning system and lighting system).

Server Rack Status light

Intelligent solution having an individual light for each Server Rack allows a visible indication when a rack is down or needs maintenance (via an API, linked to the ticketing or DCIM system). 

Structured Cabling

  • Fiber and Copper installation in all areas of a Data Center   
    • Telecommunications Room (TR)
    • Main Distribution Area (MDA);
    • Horizontal Distribution Area (HDA);
    • Equipment Distribution Area (EDA).
  • Field-splicing: Our Splicemen are using the most actual Splicing devices to ensure maximum quality and longevity.
  • Large scale installations all over Europe 
  • Short-term and Long-term projects

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